Year in Review 2010

I was looking for the link to my mid-year in review entry so that I could start this entry with reviewing July, but I had forgot that blogger had eaten that entry.   I took out the overly personal stuff, and I’m reposting the first half of the year in review along with the new stuff for the second half of the year.  Of course, I might just be offering up another meal to blogger, but I guess we’ll know by the end of the entry.

Decided that I needed to get myself together this year because three years of ghost-walking had been enough so I started by joining a gym
Made cardiologist appointment
Made orthodontist appointment so that I could finally replace my retainer that got its first crack back in March 2008 ← (I just noticed how appropriate that is since it’s when I started to crack.)

Went to Cardiologist appointment
Scheduled heart surgery
Experienced several snow storms
Got retainer and confirmed what I had suspected which was that my teeth had indeed shifted back a lot and I’d have to wear my retainer full-time again

Got called (and picked) for jury duty
Had identity stolen on Facebook. I still want to kick that piece of shit’s ass. >:-(

Had surprise 70th birthday party for my grandmother
Had heart surgery

Painted a lot at my mom’s
Painted some more at my mom’s
Attended Steampunk Worlds Fair
Got car stuck on an embankment and thus wrote the first SKT in a long time.
Grandmother admitted to hospital

Went to the Philly Comic con
Decided that, while it’s still not perfect, the surgery did help with my heart and I was just being impatient about feeling results ← so unlike me {insert sarcasm}
My dog had surgery to get her teeth cleaned and spayed ← what a way to end the half-year mark!

Put together grill without blowing up the neighborhood

Took week off from work and came back to work to find that a huge tree had fallen on our office and a “life coach” was in charge of our merger
My friend, Eric, and his sister visited Philly
Found out I had to go to Atlanta to learn the computer system for the merger

Got ink
Put up Halloween village for first time since divorce
Scheduled Atlanta trip for October

Started better writing habits
Credit card got hacked
Broke temperature knob in car
One of my bosses retired, putting another nail in my office’s coffin
Rescheduled Atlanta trip
Great-grandmother admitted to hospital

Put up Christmas village for the first time since divorce
My mother went back to school
Great-grandmother was able to leave hospital for a rehab facility

Went to Atlanta and learned the new computer system
My mother had to put school on hold but luckily did not lose the tuition she paid
New computer system installed in office
Great-grandmother was able to go home
Visited new office for the first time (hate doesn’t begin to cover it)
Had the first Feast of the Seven Fishes
Writing habits got shot to Hell since a lot of shit that I’m not sharing on a public blog happened between September and December

Well, if you’ve read this far then that means that blogger didn’t gobble up my YIR entry this time.  It probably learned its lesson after eating the previous one since my entries have no nutritional value whatsoever, in fact, they’re pretty much just hot air.

Probably gave him indigestion.

In closing, this is Kat thanking you for reading about my antics this past year, and wishing you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!