That Noise You Heard Was Just Me Screaming My Face Off

I’ve had a number of different jobs throughout my life but there has never been one as difficult as being a writer. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I work at least 100 hours a week. Seriously the only breaks that I take are when I go to the gym for half an hour or when I’m at my part-time-get-me-out-of-the-house-so-I’m-not-a-recluse job. Some people would argue that this isn’t healthy but welcome to a writer’s life. It’s long hours of work coupled with even longer hours of waiting. I truly believe that writing is a calling where you either are a writer or you’re not because no sane person would choose this career. Hell there have been many times when I myself have questioned if I’m making the right decision to pursue this dream and if I shouldn’t just get a comfy 9 to 5 job with health benefits, vacation time and a 401K.

Then something brilliant happens.

Your work is published.
steaming into a victorian future, steampunk
“Steaming into a Victorian Future” is the textbook used in the University of Maryland Alternate History course.

And my work is referenced in it.

I’m referenced in it.

Four. Fucking. Times
steaming into a victorian future, steampunk, calen spindler

I did not even know that “Alternate History” was a legit course but apparently it’s more popular than I thought, in fact it’s a course in universities all over the world. Guess which textbook is the new “go to” book used for all of those course.


I’m being read in universities all the way down in New Zealand and Australia.
steaming into a victorian future, steampunk, alternative history college course
I want to cry and laugh and scream and throw up at the same time whenever I think about it.

I’m published.
In academia.


The dumb broad who has always been recognized for her chest rather than any so-called talent…

…who was encouraged to marry rather than pursue a career…

…who didn’t even go to college herself…

…is being read in universities all over the world.

And that’s why I screamed my face off.
im so happy, happy screaming

Let’s party, peeps.
Thank you so much for believing in me.

28 thoughts on “That Noise You Heard Was Just Me Screaming My Face Off

  1. That is too cool! Congratu-freaking-lations! Being published is one thing, but being referenced in an academic book must be beyond exciting. God help the day anyone wants to actually learn something from the likes of us.


    I’m screaming my face off, too!!!!!! I love when I get a nod on another website BUT DAMN GIRL, this is awesome!

    I feel wholly jipped that “alternative history” wasn’t available at my undergrad.

    Small victories can mean big things to come, lady!!!

  3. I couldn’t be prouder of you but I’m not surprised at all. I know you are meant for greatness! If you ever doubt you’re on the right path just call me because I don’t have a single doubt in my mind. CONGRATULATIONS, my love!!

  4. This is so very very awesome. So proud of you. Now I wish my son was studying “alternative history” instead of Chemical engineering so I could steal his text book.
    Wonder if i can convince him..hmmm

  5. OMG If I could, I’d totally hug you! (that 3000 miles is a hinderance however) But that is totally freaking awesome!! YAY!!!

  6. Jumping for joy and other stuff! Good on you! Also: how badass is it that you (like me!) didn’t go to college and yet college kids are reading about you. That is some cool shit. 🙂

  7. Congratulations!! That is so amazing and exciting. And in a textbook of all things! I’m not surprised a bit, because I’ve always known you are brilliant, but wow, to see your name in writing must be so fantastic.

    Kodi was highly impressed when I told him that his girlfriend’s mom is an AUTHOR. So that right there makes it all worth while, huh? 🙂


    That is SO FUCKING AMAZING. I’m so proud of you. I’m so proud FOR you. LET’S. DRINK.

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