An Abundance of Smart Ass(terisks)

I’m a bit MIA.*



And what’s worse is that my superstition about announcing-something-until-it-has-already-happened-in-case-something-fucks-it-up keeps me from disclosing everything that has kept me from interacting with my kickass peeps on here. Just take my word for it (for now since I can’t wait until I can scream my face off) that I’ve been working like a bitch on the down and dirty aspect of being a writer–aka the business aspect of writer–and it’s extremely time expensive and about as much fun as going through your recently deceased great-aunt’s belongings and finding her collection of foot long dildos.**

**Though not nearly as awkward, so there’s that.

s hi t, shitThis business-y type work is of course in addition to recovering from the trauma of nearly losing my beloved Eskie at the beginning of the month–which a normal person would be over by now but I, on the other hand, have anxiety issues and thus continue to have spazz attacks and feel the need to stop what I’m doing and cuddle her.***

***Kira, being fully recovered, isn’t too happy when I do this since it usually disturbs her from a nap.

In the meantime I did make a video in reference to the two cases that the Supreme Court is hearing about same sex marriage this week.****

****Some of you are probably thinking that a video would take longer than actually writing a post but not for me; as much as I enjoy “vlogging” I don’t worry over it as much as I do about my written words and so I can do a vlog in a fourth of the time that I do a written blog post.

Some people will hate this video because they are stupidasses who won’t get the tongue-in-cheekiness of it*****, and some people will hate it because they disagree, but that’s their prerogative. All I ask is that if anyone feels the need to express that they disagree that they do it with respect.

*****I already have one of these and for the record, I am pro-marriage and said commenter is a moron.

In closing, it’s after 1am as I write this and I’m really bloody tired, but thank you so much for being here, my dear peeps.*******

*******Also, I know I say “thank you” a lot, but I truly mean it. I’ve had to deal with a lot of shit in my life and I just want it known how grateful I am for the support that you all have given me.

13 thoughts on “An Abundance of Smart Ass(terisks)

  1. Great video, and it’s so true. People argue about the sanctity of marriage, and yet I could walk into Walmart, propose to the first woman I see, get married at the courthouse 10 minutes later, and that’s a marriage. Yes, that’s so holy and special, right?

    Or, how about this? A guy I used to work with was legally married to two women at once. They don’t even check that in their systems. They just blindly approve it.

    So really, gay people are the least of marriage’s problems. And I’m pro-marriage too. Just ask my wife.

  2. I honestly do NOT understand how this is even still an issue that needs to be decided upon. It’s basic civil rights. There is not enough love in the world as is…why stop what love there is? Ugh. Loved the video. LOVE you. Love Kira (even if Aunt Julie makes her growly). I can’t wait to see you…we need to plan that soon.

    • Kira loves aunt Julie she is just the extreme version of her mother in that we take pains to show our growliness instead of our love to the world. 😉

      THIS WEEKEND! Can’t wait to see yoooooou! =D

  3. Love love love you video. I just don’t see how it’s okay to deny two people who love each other any rights just because they are gay. That Defense of Marriage Act? Complete and utter bullshit. So was the whole Prop 8 fiasco.

    • The Defense of Marriage Act is such a fucking joke. The title itself is offensive, implying that gay people are somehow attacking marriage.

  4. Great video! I’ve always said that everyone has the right to divorce, and the sanctity of marriage is b.s. Marriage started as a ritual to unite kingdoms and property. How’s that for freaking sacred? Besides, who am I to tell someone they can’t marry a consenting adult? Shenanigans.

    • Exactly. And what’s ironic is that for all of the talk about the sanctity of marriage and big argument against same sex marriage is that it will fuck up property laws and health care. Where are their priorities now?

  5. That video was awesome! So funny and well done.

    It will happen, and all the Christian zealots can go stuff it! (and I’m actually a Christian myself, so I can say that 🙂

    • Oh, and the snuggling Kira thing to relieve your anxiety over what happened? I totally get that, and I can completely imagine the reaction you get, since her boyfriend would do the exact same thing to me 🙂

    • As a Christian too (shocking I know given my foul mouth and general bad attitude) I feel within my bounds to tell the zealots that they are embarrassing themselves and me.

      I can completely see Kodi giving you the stink eye as you snuggle him! =D These pups are such smartasses!

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