Once Again I Just Shake My Head and Say “This is my Life”

Many of you are well acquainted with my dog, Kira, in fact I’m fairly certain that the reason most people watch my youtube videos is because they usually feature a Kira cameo–and I don’t blame you because she’s fucking adorable and hilarious.

Kira features a lot because she is “my” dog, but we do however have our “family” dog named Lily. Unlike Kira, Lily is very friendly and easygoing and 99.5% of the time is perfectly well-behaved, so she also doesn’t give me as much story material as does my Brat-skimo.

There is of course that .5% though…

westhighland terrier, lily

Lily. She looks so innocent.

Since I had my own medical issues to address last Monday I decided to make it a full Doctor Day and have Kira and Lily visit the vet as well. A trip to the vet is always extremely stressful because Kira–who is a rescue dog that had been abused–hates going to the vet with a passion. I know that most dogs hate the vet but Kira literally screams–screams that sound like a fucking human being–as soon as the vet touches her. While Kira’s vet is used to her dramatics and very good with handling her, my aunt suggested a mobile vet service that she used who comes to the house might be less stressful. I didn’t hold much hope, but I decided to give it a shot.

As soon as the vet arrived at the house, Kira began barking her face off. I explained Kira’s history to the vet and that, while I was having both dogs examined, Kira was the reason that I was trying an in-house visit. The vet suggested that she examine Lily first thinking that if Kira saw that Lily was okay that she wouldn’t be as scared. This sounded like a good idea at the time.

Lily trotted over to the vet, sniffing and wagging her tail, and didn’t object when the vet picked her up. Lily did begin to shake a little when she was placed on the mobile table but stayed fairly still as the vet examined her. She did begin to squirm when it was time to have her blood drawn but the vet tech held her still without too much fuss. I went over to praise Lily whenever I could but unfortunately Kira’s barking only got worse when she saw the vet handling her Lily and it was all that I could do to keep her quiet. Even after I gated Kira in the other room she was causing a ruckus. Finally the vet was finished except she said that Lily’s nails needed to be cut. I have tried many a time to cut Lily’s nails, but unlike Kira who I trained since puppyhood to hold still for a pedicure, Lily fights so furiously that I can’t do it. I told the vet to go for it but I would understand if she wasn’t able to trim Lily’s nails.

The vet picked up the nail clippers and I actually saw the words “Oh hell no!” form in Lily’s eyes. She immediately began squirming, thrashing and putting up such a fight that you would think that the vet was trying to cut her paws off. The vet tech was nearly laying on top of Lily to hold her still and it still wasn’t working. The vet suggested that she hold Lily in her arms and the tech cut the nails since she was faster. Lily squirmed furiously but the vet held her tightly enough that the tech trimmed her two front paws fairly quickly. HOWEVER, the moment that the vet tech moved to touch Lily’s back paws, Lily lost control of her bowels. This is unfortunately not unusual for an animal to do under stress. What is unusual though is for the animal to lose her bowels with such fervor that the poo becomes airborne and hits the vet tech in the chest.

That’s right, friends: my dog projectile shat.
She apparently has missiles in her ass and fired two at the tech as soon as she was within range.

The vet, the tech and I and just stared at each other for a moment during which Lily–who was apparently quite pleased with herself–held still. Would that we had taken that opportunity to finish the pedicure because at that moment Kira broke through the baby gate in an attempt to save her Lily and all hell broke lose. Lily redoubled her squirming efforts, Kira barked and galloped around the table, and I began to calculate just how much Tequila I was going to need after this was over.

The answer was “a lot”.

And the real kicker of it? When it was Kira’s turn to be examined, despite being in her own home, she still screamed like a fucking banshee when the vet touched her.

Verdict? Number 26 on The List of Shameless Shit: Make a mistake.

25 thoughts on “Once Again I Just Shake My Head and Say “This is my Life”

  1. Ah, dogs (and cats for that matter). Most adorable, but furiously shameless. It certainly makes for good conversation.

    Oh, and hey. About your button. I have it up on my blog but could it be that something with the HTML code isn’t right? When I click on your button I get redirected to my own blog. I’m pretty sure that’s not your intention.

    • I often tell both of my dogs that it’s a good thing that they’re cute because they’re BRATS!

      Thanks so much for letting me know about the button! I’m sure I did something to fuck it up when I was switching stuff around for the super peeps section, so I’ll take a look at it.

  2. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ve never seen projectile shit unless it was diarrhea. Wow. That’s amazing. I mean terrible.

  3. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMG. I cannot tell you how loud I laughed. In my office. Oh god. Why do I read your blog at work? Why?!? It’s after hours, sure, but THERE ARE STILL PEOPLE HERE! AND I’M READING ABOUT PROJECTILE POO!



    • Reading my blog is dangerous mostly because when people laugh, then others ask what they are laughing ABOUT and then it becomes shady. (I often get comments like this re: the worst smut post.)

  4. I don’t blame Lily a bit. She told the tech no, and he didn’t respect her boundaries. And so he got shat on. It might be a good method for women in a bar with a persistant guy they’re not interested in…shit on him and he will surely leave you alone đŸ™‚

    And I just have to tell you, when I was watching the video and Kira barked…Kodi titled his head. It IS true love!

    • Kira is the same way: very good when I cut her nails but awful with the vet. I’m just still a bit stunned that Lily hated having her nails done THAT much though.

  5. That is hilariously terrible. I’ve never been projectile shat on. All of my dogs are relatively good when they need their teeth brushed, nails clipped, etc. Then again, I do that myself. No guarantees they wouldn’t fire missiles if someone else did it.

    • Kira is very good with all of those things, but I trained her from a puppy. Lily is well-behaved but spoiled in that regard because my mother let her run around like a wild beast as a youngun.

  6. I just don’t understand how this dog possibly knows when a person–a new person, a stranger–is a vet. Is it the white coat? Is it the stethoscope? (Do dog doctors have stethoscopes like human doctors do? DO DOGS HAVE HEARTBEATS?) I somehow feel sorry for Kira in all of this.

    (Oh, hello! Friend of Celia G’s.)

    • Hello FoG! =D Well met! And I feel HORRIBLE for Kira and seriously need a xanax before a vet trip with her. I was really hoping that the in-house visit wouldn’t terrify her so.

  7. Okay, you win the Vet Stress Test. I can’t top projectile shatting.

    Our older dog hates getting her nails clipped so much, that every six months or so I have to have the vet totally sedate her, knocked out cold, to grind her nails. I then hold her head like a a college drunk while she comes off the anesthesia. I am so proud.

    The cat, she’s the wild child, has frowny face stickers on her chart for biting. I warn the techs every time I bring her in, but no… they know how to handle aggressive animals they say. Serves them right, they were warned.

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