The Post You’ve Been Waiting For (Since Friday) Woo Woo!

Yes this is the post that should have gone live on Friday but didn’t because [fill in excuse here]. The good news is that at least it’s a post where I’m going to be giving you shit so it’s hopefully worth the wait.

Presenting the Second Kat O’Nine Tales Giveaway!

kermit gif


Kat O Nine Tales mugAs promised, the prize this time does not require cross dressing on the parts of the male readers (though if you want to cross-dress then please by all means do so) because it is a “Therapy is expensive, Tequila is cheap” mug, and it’s good for holding coffee, Tequila, Vodak, Rum or any other stimulant that you want to introduce into your darling body!

This giveaway is basically the same as the previous one but with one major, awesome change and that is that you will get extra entry points by helping me achieve world domination. For every friend that you coerse/beg/threaten to Like my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, add me on Google Plus, ect, you will get 10 extra entry tickets for the raffle! Your friends of course will get the corresponding points for whatever task they endure, and assuming that you have enough control over these friends to make them do this shit for you in the first place, you might even be able to nick the mug off of them if they end up winning with their entry–so you can have a fuckton of chances to win depending on who and how many arms you twist to drink my Kool-Aid! The rafflecopter only lets you click the button once a day, but you can refer as many people as you want, but first I have to verify that a peep of yours has owned up to being sent by you–comment here, tweet me, email me, post on FB, whatever–and then I have to add it manually.

Also I know that the majority of entries will be “freebies” because if you already do any of the requirements you just have to click the button and it will give you your tickets–and I’m completely okay with that because I so very, very much appreciate the support of you people who are already reading me. Giveaways like this are indeed a way to grow your audience, but I’m kind of thrilled when a longtime reader wins because I can’t thank you all enough for reading my shit.

Finally, I will be posting the winner here and contacting them via email and they will have until 1/1/13 to email me back with their address before I draw another name. After the last contest the original winner didn’t get back to me until after the cut-off date but I luckily had an extra shirt and sent her one anyway (more on that exciting bit later). I only have one mug this time so it’s really, really important that you get back to me.*

And I think that’s about it! If I think of anything else I’ll add it in an update because my brain is really fried (more than usual) with everything I’ve got on my plate right now.

*Actually I do have another mug as I ordered one for my mother but she has already stated that no one is taking her mug. And then she clutched her mug to her chest and gave me a threatening look.

11 thoughts on “The Post You’ve Been Waiting For (Since Friday) Woo Woo!

  1. Kat, you never fail to crack me up, and your generosity is surpassed only by your, um, I’m going to call it, quirkiness, yeah, that’s it ;)

    I would love to have the mug, but I fear there’s no room at the inn for anything else kitchen related. My tiny galley style kitchen is already packed to the gills.

    That surely wont stop me from pimping out your giveaway, I’d be selfish to keep the hilarity of your Tales to myself!

  2. LOVE the kermit gif. But I guess you know that :p

    I would love the mug, it’ll hold my Vodak nicely ;) lol

    *tries to find a way to cheat the system and win!*

  3. I WANT the mug! Think how well it will go with my shirt. Also I will post a pic of myself wearing the shirt and drinking from the mug. I will post said photo on my FB page and on the Twitter. Wait…is this going to be a “random” drawing like last time? Can’t you just pick your fav/the person who is willing to pimp the most?

    The real me aka npetra1234

  4. Oh Oh, pick me! Pick me!! Although I usually need my coffee in an extra large mug for convenience sake, I will make multiple trips to the coffee pot in the AM if I get to use this little treasure. You are so crafty my darling!!

  5. I love the mug. I’d have to get it past my mother who said I’m not allowed anything new as she doesn’t have space to store it. lol I think all I’m getting for Christmas are gift cards because I can keep those in my wallet. lol

  6. I’m not a Tequila fan, but that mug would do nicely for hot chocolate :) And the really fun thing is, I’m doing a giveaway, too! Only mine isn’t nearly as organized as yours…I’ll have to take notes for next time!

  7. And here’s me, with my freshly arrived WLAS T-shirt. I couldn’t enter and risk that fine, fragile and apparently unique (because Kat may have slurped tequila from it) mug to the South African postal system. Elated though I am that my T-shirt arrived, twice lucky would be a miracle. I will proudly pimp you of course!

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