And For Christmas Morning, A Happy Tradition

Macys Christmas light showMerry Christmas, my dear, dear peeps!

For my Christmas entry, I thought that I would share a few of pictures (most taken with my less-than-stellar phone) with you of the trip to center city that my mother, brother and I managed to squeeze into our hectic schedules to see the Wanamaker’s Show of Lights. This trip has been one of my favorite Christmas traditions for as long as I can remember. The show was introduced in 1956, and has gone through a number of changes–many of which I remember firsthand because that’s how old I am–but no matter if the department store is called Wanamakers or Strawbridges or Macy’s, no matter if the lights are incandescent or LED, no matter if the dancing water fountains or if the show is narrarated by John Facenda or Julie Andrews, as soon as the department store lights dim and the lighted bears blow their horns, it feels like magic.

Between each show the Christmas tree changes colors while “snow” falls down the light screen.

Blue and purple…

Macys Christmas light showThen red and green…

Macys Christmas light show

The lights in the department store dim, the bears sound their trumps, and then the Coo-Coo clocks chime!

Macys Christmas light show

♫ ♪ Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer ♪ ♫

Macys Christmas light showAnd the finale!

Macys Christmas light show

We watched the show from the third floor where there used to be a restaurant called Terrace on the Court where we would have lunch when I was a chiddler and catch one of the shows. (The show runs ever hour and we would usually get to see it several times during our visit.) My favorite place to watch though was sitting with other kids on the red carpet in the middle of the Grand Court under the protective eye of The Wanamaker Eagle.

Macys Christmas light show

As I stood before the beautiful dancing lights that held so many happy memories and looked down to see children sitting where I had sat so many years ago and creating memories of their own, it occurred to me that this must be how angels feel.

7 thoughts on “And For Christmas Morning, A Happy Tradition

  1. It’s one of my most favorite Christmas memories as a child. I haven’t gone in years which makes my heart sad. It says something that the mere recounting of this trip for you brought tears to my eyes. It’s a magical and joy inducing trip…so simple and so special.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you, Mumma, and Gator. Big hugs and smooches to all of them. LOVE YOU!

  2. This is one of my favorite things to do every year. My family has gone down every year to see this show for as far back as I can remember. I’ve also seen all the changes in the show, and I’m so happy to see that macys is restoring the lights to be able to have the entire show run again.

    I took a picture either last year or the year before of the finale, and now, every year it’s the background picture on my phone.

    This is Christmas. So special.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I hope you had a wonderful day :-)

  3. for me, it’s nyc. it’s a lot more touristy and packed than your tradition, but it’s It for me. it’s the line to trudge past the macy’s display, the way you grab the elbow of whoever you’re with when sachs lights up. it’s the shop windows, the chill of the pond at bryant park. it’s magic. it’s It.

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