A Christmas Tree Named Jimmy

Much like the annual Battle for the Halloween McNuggets, there is a battle that rages in my family each year as we decorate for Christmas.

(I’m sure that this surprises none of you that my family can’t even fucking decorate for a holiday without wanting to maim each other.)

This battle, however, is slightly less violent than the one for the Halloween McNuggets because it involves my brother and my mother rather than my brother and me. For years my mother has been trying to convince my brother that having an artificial Christmas tree would be just as nice as having a real one only without the hours of work that it takes to string hundreds of lights in its flimsy branches or the mess of pine needles everwhere. Of course the irony here is that my brother bitches about having a real tree but he doesn’t do shit to help decorate it.

My mother finally won the battle though because, since I’m at my mother’s this Christmas and I have a beautfiul artificial tree that would otherwise be sitting in the attic, she insisted that we use my tree this year. I was thrilled because with being the writer who works from home, a large portion of the decorating would fall to me, and not only is a fake tree easier to decorate than a real tree, my tree is also pre-lit. Boo-yah!

But then I should know that nothing is ever that easy for me.

I was opening the Christmas tree branches last week when I looked up to see a large section at the top of the tree had gone out.

What the hell?

half out tree, half lit tree

Not my tree, but I feel their pain.

My tree is supposed to be a closed circuit system which means that if one bulb goes out the rest of the string will stayed on.

“It has to be a bad bulb,” my mother insisted.
“No it’s a closed circuit!” I insisted right back. “It’s got to be a fuse.”
Mummas gave me a skeptical look.
Don’t anybody move! Hold it right there! The fuse is out,” I rumbled. ((Bonus points if you get that quote.))

Thirty minutes later I walked into the dining room in defeat.
“I tried replacing the fuse, but it wasn’t that,” I grumbled.
“Where did you get a spare fuse?” my mother asked suspiciously.
“I took the one that was in the light of the Christmas star tree topper.”
“Aaaaaaaaah!” my mother shrieked.
“Calm down! I put the other fuses in it so it’ll still work… I think.”
Mumma gave me another skeptical look. “It’s definitely a bad bulb now,” she added. “You’re going to have to take out each bulb and see which one isn’t working.”
“Like hell! Those lights are a bitch to pull out!” And then I felt my pupils dialate as the truth dawned on me. “Holy shit!” I gasped. “Despite our best efforts our tree has unionized! One bulb decided not to work and they all followed suit.”
“We can just string a single set of lights in the dead zone,” my mother suggested ignoring me since she has long since because used to my absurd declarations.
“Oh no we won’t!” I yelled.”There’s no unionization in this tree! I don’t know what these fucking bulbs want since they only have to work one month a year! That’s it! I’m going maffia on Jimmy’s ass and he’s getting back to work or getting thrown off a bridge!”

prolight keeper

Reach for the sky, Jimmy!

And in true maffia fashion, my problem was solved with a gun.

After deciding that I wasn’t going to accept be pushed around by my unionized tree, I jumped onto the faithful Interbutz (the second time that he has saved my ass at Christmas time) and looked up the best way to find out which of my non-working bulbs was the union leader. The most recommended solution was the PROLight Keeper Gun which would test the electrical current on the string of bulbs to find where the circuit was broken.

Jimmy refused to cooperate with the first electric method where you attach the gun to the string of lights and fire away–this is supposed to be the easiest method so naturally it wouldn’t work–but then I tazered him with the metal end of the gun and he finally gave up the leader. I ripped that sucker out and I’m happy to say that the rest of the bulbs went back to work after that.

It was only later that I realized that there were more than just rebellious bulbs involved in this scandal.

elf on the shelf, christmas tree

I’ve named him “Brat”.

Son of a bitch.

FYI, entries for the giveaway have ended and I’ll be announcing the winner later this week!

Also my latest BirchBox video is up and as usual I have to be all arrogant as usual and say that even if you don’t give a mummer’s fart about makeup, the video is rather entertaining. There’s a shoutout to my Wonder Twins in there.

(The blooper reel is coming soon.)

12 thoughts on “A Christmas Tree Named Jimmy

  1. The wonder twins should get shoutouts more often! :p

    Seriously, that elf is nothing but trouble. I bet he works for the biggest creeper of all Santa!

  2. I just want to say I GOT the Christmas Story quote. My family watches pretty much every moment of the Christmas marathon of it and every family member can quote it verbatim. On command.

  3. After many years of wrestling with Christmas trees, and the horrid lights I too got the fake pre-lit and I loved it! Until as yours did a light finally went out. Not having the “gun” available at the time I strung lights each year until I finally decided it was easier to convert to Buddhism. True story….

  4. Yay for fake trees!

    Oh, and that little elf is friggin’ CREEPY!!! *Shudder*

    I’m glad you won the war in the end.

    Oh, and for bonus points, that line was from “A Christmas Story.” Love it! Fa Ra Ra Ra Raaa Ra Ra Ra Raaaaa!!! đŸ™‚

  5. damn you Jimmy, damn you to hell! and your little dog too… fuck those fucking fuckers…hell yeah!

    as a sidebar, Sambucca! shots rock the world!

    so like yeah…the wonder twins thing got me to like hit the link and like yeah… i could not leave a comment there so here is what i said via the magic of copy and paste…

    mascara is like crack to me… yep…and the wonder twins like to escape…hehehe…if my wonder twins escape? i get arrested…

    and 2 g-1’s fuckers!

    at least they could have double up on 18 yr old scotch!

    cheers and happy fucking Christmas!

  6. I just heard about those guns this year! So funny how something pops up in multiple places in your life. I heard about it from one of my volunteers about a week ago, then was just over at my friend’s house the other night, and she pulled hers out to show me, and now I’m reading this post tonight. I wonder if it means something???

    Really fun post, by the way đŸ™‚

  7. Ha! Sorry Kat, shouldn’t laugh at your Christmas tree misfortunes. The trees the best part of the Christmas decs to me, so I’m glad you have it back to it’s twinkly best. Mine is artificial but clearly thinks it’s real, dropping artificial needles every day – for realistic affect maybe?! *whispers* time for a new one. How long until your Mum stops saying “I TOLD her it was a bulb”?

  8. Every year. EVERY YEAR. “We’re going to get a tree this year and light it and decorate it and look straight out of a goddamn Norman Rockwell painting!” Every year, it doesn’t happen. Usually because we’re travelling. So three years ago we had a Christmas Hibiscus. Last year I think I just strung up some ornaments in random places. And this year I set up our Charlie Brown Christmas tree and draped a light strand around the base. Nicki: Half-Assing Christmas trees since 2010.

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