15 thoughts on “If You Don’t Know Then You’ll Never Understand

  1. Poo bums Kat, as my 5yr old would say. What I would say’s a bit rude. DEPRESSION LIES! Always remember that. Loved the Bloopers, hope they were as fun to edit as they were to watch. Oh, and I like your medication skull.

  2. Oh my gosh you are adorable. And I totally understand little sassy dogs being complete divas infront of the camera.

    PS. Hope you find some holiday cheer, friend. Depression sucks, and it’s serious business… which is why I’m grateful for this time of year so my stress eating looks like I just have no control over holiday goodies. Whatever.

  3. You do rock! And Weeza’s right — depression lies. LIES. FUCKER.

    My crazy pills are capsules so they don’t lend themselves to creativity the way yours do. But mine are green and blue so they are kinda pretty on their own.

    U is AWESOME!

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