The Sky Was Storming But the Watermelon was Everclear

Number 24 on The List of Shameless Shit is “Share a struggle you have yet to “just get over.””  This could be a real downer of a prompt, but homegirl don’t play that.  Instead I’m going to tell you about the beach adventure that I had with my brother this past weekend.

I’m guessing that it’s because I now do so much work from home that I want to be completely out of the house and away from my computer when I don’t have to be around to go in to my pay-the-bills job.  Oddly enough the place that I keep wanting to visit is the beach.  This is strange because, while many of my favourite childhood memories involve staying at my grandmother’s shore house and going on the beach with my cousins, I haven’t been a beach fan in over a decade.  I’ve long ago given up on self-analysis, so even if this change seemed weird, I just rolled with it.

The forecast for this past weekend had been threatening massive storms, but the worst rain that we seen so far was on Saturday when a little shower had blown through early and left the rest of the day sunny.  Sunday started out the same way–with a shower in the morning–but by 11am it was sunny again.  The beach was calling to me, and after a round of pleas and threats, I was finally able to convince my brother to take a shore trip with me.

We didn’t get on the beach until about 2:30, but the late arrival and semi-cloudy sky worked to our benefit because there were hardly any people to step over as we picked a spot to camp out.  The only issue with the late arrive though was that the tide was coming in and this would possibly mess with my beach plans: to make The Red Keep, one of the castles from A Game of Thrones. Geeks take their geekiness even to the beach, you see. My brother, however, had an equally geeky idea about how to give me more time to build my castle, namely by building another GoT landmark: The Wall.

the wall, sand castle, game of thrones

I like how he even labeled it “Wall”.

Much like its namesake, The Wall did protect the realm of my castle as the tide started to come in.  And if you are reeling from nerd-overload already, this will send you right over the edge because every time a large wave barreled toward the shore we would yell, “WINTER IS COMING!”  Or if it was a particularly foamy wave we would howl about The Wall protecting us from the White Walkers.

(Yes, I have no shame of my geekiness, and also shut up.)

Unfortunately the tide didn’t play fair and there was a cross-current that came from the side of The Wall and began to erode The Red Keep before I was even a third of the way finished.

sand castle

“The White Walkers” have surrounded The Red Keep and have begun to destroy it.

After the second wave of “White Walkers” the walls were crumbling and the largest towers had fallen.  I was undeterred though.  I knocked down a few towers myself and declared that the castle was now Harrenhall.

(Pound for pound this is pretty much the geekiest I’ve behaved in quite some time.)

sand castle

The ruined castle of Harrenhall.

My brother and I had done all that we could do to save the castle, so we moved on to playing Washers.  We had no sooner set up the washer boxes when the sky opened up with a downpour that would have sent Noah to building another Ark.  I wasn’t wearing a bathing suit so I wrapped myself in a towel in an attempt to protect my clothes while my brother held a sheet over his head until he gave up and let himself get soaked.  For a good twenty minutes we were pummeled with rain, and when it finished everything was saturated–except me (haha-thank you towel).  The funniest part though was that The Wall and Harrenhall made it (kinda) through the storm.

beach after rain

My brother inspecting the remains.

We resumed our game of Washers and then looked over to see that a rainbow had appeared over the ocean.  I have better pics on my camera, but here’s what my brother managed to capture with his phone.

rainbow at the beach

There must be GOLD in the Music Pier!

And then a leprechaun appeared and while he didn’t give us gold, he gave us the next best thing: grain alcohol. I’m not joking.

Okay, it wasn’t really a leprechaun, it was one of the guys from the group who had been beaching next to us, but he was rather round and jolly and he really did give us a watermelon filled with Everclear.  My brother and I didn’t have knives, but did that stop us from eating the watermelon?  Nope.  We tore the watermelon apart with our fucking bare hands and ate it. It was as calamitous as it sounds so by the end of the day we were hauling around blankets, towels and a backpacks that were soaked in not only rain but also Watermelon-Everclear juice.  All in all it was a pretty kickass day.

So what does this all have to do with No. 24 my List of Shameless Shit?  Well, that sea water surrounding my sand castle?  That was the first bit of the Atlantic Ocean that I’ve let touch my skin since I was eighteen. I have not been in or near the ocean in all this time. Without wasting too much space with details, next week will be the anniversary of the day that I was at the shore and came down with a fever that would eventually burn so hot that it would cause brain damage and destroy my memory.  The doctors had told my mother that I must have caught something from the ocean and as a result I’ve had a panic attack whenever I’ve been on the beach and the water came near me.  This my No. 24 because I’m not all the way over my fear of catching a fever from the ocean yet. But I’m getting there.

(And because I’m emo, I took the rainbow as present from God for a job well started.)

16 thoughts on “The Sky Was Storming But the Watermelon was Everclear

  1. Love the post. I too spent summers at our family beach house and now live five minutes from the beach here in S. FL. We don’t go to the beach a lot I guess due to the fact that it is right in our backyard. Maybe I would visit more if I was able to score everclear soaked watermelon lol. I love the blog 🙂

  2. Wait. You haven’t touched the ocean since when? And is that strictly the Atlantic or have you touched another one?


    I thought so. o_0 sorry to hear that, but I’m totally glad you faced it and let it touch you! You are still alive right?

  3. 1. I love game of thrones! Awesome references.
    3. Holy shit! That would make me scare the ocean too. Good for you for going there again.

  4. LOVE the beach, LOVE rainbows and then, WHAT? First time at the beach since when? Awesome that you went AND had a geeky ol’ fun time. Hope you get to go again soon, and hope it get’s easier every time you do.
    P.S. Got lots of catching up to do, including emailing you my address and reading another post of yours I missed that I’ve heard lots of good stuff about. Now where is it …

  5. Kat wrote, “every time a large wave barreled toward the shore we would scream, “WINTER IS COMING!” and now I think I’m in love. No srsly, for real! 🙂

    Great post! Love to see GoT fans strutting their inner-geek, and the sandcastles, tide coming in, and the rainbow after the storm were perfect. I don’t go to the beach much, living smack in the middle of the country, but if I ever do, I know what I’ll be doing.

  6. While most of this post was lost on my due to my shameful lack of geekiness, I can appreciate the sentiment, and more importantly, I applaud you for your courage in facing something that had badly hurt you in the past. Replacing bad (or lost) memories with these new great ones is for sure a step in a kick ass direction darling! The rainbow was indeed serendipitous, those things don’t just happen.

  7. Honest to goodness…it’s so geeky but it’s also SO me. haha. I totally got all that convo. I wish you’d had more time to spend talking with my cousin Ben who I think outdoes you when it comes to GOT geek-ness. He needs to seek help…honestly.

    I love the castle pictures. I can’t believe you were in OC and didn’t hit up me and the family. My niece would have totally helped build…ok really tear down but still. 😉

    And hello….YAY for Everclear in a watermelon!!

  8. I am so proud of you for getting back on the horse. Er, ocean. Er, you know what I mean. That’s amazing, Kat. Seriously. And don’t ever concern yourself with wasting too much space on that shit. It sounds like a perfect day, and I thank you for sharing it.

    Also, I wish you could hear how I giggled over all the GOT references. (“WINTER IS COMING!”)

    • Also: not sure if you saw it on FB, but your watermelon story reminded me of Derrick finding a whole watermelon in Boston, tossing it to someone (who failed and didn’t catch it), and then eating the watermelon guts with his bare hands a la Dany eating the horse heart. GEEKY GOT REFERENCES IN PUBLIC FTW.

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