Non-Related Identical Twins

I recently discovered that my American Eskimo dog, Kira, has a twin sister to whom she is not biologically related.  Her name is Yoki, and interestingly enough Yoki is owed by Bryan from A Beer For The Shower, who himself is not biologically related to his twin and co-author, Brandon.  The coincidences don’t stop there though because both Kira and Yoki have parents who drink too much.  This past Sunday Kira and Yoki got together to discuss their human parents.

american eskimo dogs

**The story behind Yoki’s (thankfully temporary) paralysis is here.

Kira Yoki 2 Kira Yoki 3Kira Yoki 4 Kira Yoki 5 Kira Yoki 6

(This was made on the fly and as a joke so I apologize for the poor picture quality.)

((Massive thanks to Bryan and Brandon and Yoki without whom work would have managed to screw me out of doing two posts this week.  *scratches behind all your ears*))

31 thoughts on “Non-Related Identical Twins

    • Oh I know all too well from my stint as a foster mom to my kitten. When he would purr I knew he was thinking ‘it’s only a matter of time before I kill this chick’.

  1. I logged onto Blogger and saw a picture of my dog front and center in my blogroll. An odd but now wonderful way to start a morning of blogging! 🙂

    Also, it’s true, I’m not the tallest crayon in the shed (or however the saying goes – I AM dumb, after all) but thank God I have my dog to make important life decisions for me. After all, she’s the one who told me I should be an unemployed writer, and that’s working out well for me! … right…?

    • OMG I thought you had already seen this, Bryan, so yeah I guess that must have been a little weird to open your blogroll and find your dog there! Hahaha!

      I’d say it IS working out pretty well for you, and Yoki shall demand man-servents to do her bidding now.

  2. I love how the whitest dogs I’ve ever seen talk black! Excellent work. I’m laughing my ass off! You should write a book about your dog. Both dogs are very cute! Keep up the great work!

  3. This post makes me wonder what my dogs are saying about me! Fantastic stuff!

    Kira and the six million dollar dog might have enough brains to take over the world. They already have shown they are smart enough to trick their owners into thinking they are paralyzed or can’t jump!

  4. Poor Kira having to take care of drunk Mommy…you damn lush. That dog is NO joke in control…bitch had me on the floor and everything begging for her to like me. lol. I have no doubt that she and Yoki could run the world if given the chance. Those dogs mean business. 🙂

  5. I have no doubt that animals are plotting our total enslavement….after all we are part of the way there now. I wonder if pets and politicians are working together on this…

  6. Bahaha! Tanqueray blood types and French kisses!! That just made my week. Dogs really are just better than us aren’t they?

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