Crawling To the Finish Line

Today is the last day of The Detox.

I’d jump up and down with joy if I could muster the energy, so instead I’ll just lie here pathetically and whimper out a weak “yahoo!”.  I will however muster the strength to give a huge thank you to everyone for all of your wonderful and encouraging comments on my last post where I first mentioned The Detox.  Day Four was a really difficult day and it helped me so much to have all of your rah-rahs to help me throughout it.  You guys are all amazing.

I still have two days left of The-Work-Schedule-That-Ate-My-Soul, but–and I will kick my own ass so fucking hard if I’m jinxing myself by talking about it–tomorrow looks light and we might *gasp* get out early!  It will also help tomorrow go easier that I will be able to eat real food again, so even if I have just jinxed the schedule, I’ll still be a much happier camper at work than I have this past week of Hell.

reeses peanut butter easter eggsTomorrow will also be the last day of Lent and in honour of Soft-Core Friday, I’ll let you all know that I am going to make sweet, sweet love to the first bar of chocolate that I get my hands on on Sunday.  At Easter brunch when the waitress asks me what kind of eggs I want I’m going to reply, “Reese’s peanut butter ones, please.” and then I will proceed to ravage them like a Marine with a two dollar prostitute on shore leave. All surrounding diners should cover their children’s eyes because it will be obscene.

(I’m not even joking; I have an unhealthy and unholy love of those eggs.)

I’m going to close with a little “Easter Chocolate by The Numbers” via The Journal.  It turns out that I come by my chocolate addiction naturally as I just learned that Irish folks will consume 9.5 million chocolate Easter eggs this year, the equivalent of a thousand tons of chocolate.  (That might barely scratch the surface of satisfying my chocolate-holism.)  In true Irish form though, we will also be consuming enough wine to fill 204,000 bathtubs and enough beer to fill over six Olympic-sized swimming pools.  (I demand a recount on that last bit of data since I am positive that more than that much beer will be swilled on Easter.  Or any day of the week for that matter.)

I hope you all do your part to consume as much chocolate, wine and colored peeps as possible and have a Happy Easter, my peeps!

teen titans easter peeps

This is the most FUCKING AWESOME Peep picture in the history of ever!

15 thoughts on “Crawling To the Finish Line

  1. I will help! My Irish ass is going to eat jellybeans and Cadbury eggs. Yes — eggS. Plural. I’m not drinking any pop, but I will be eating everything else that I love. Tostitoes and queso. coffee cake. chicken salad from HEB (trust me). Ice cream. And lots and lots of yummy candy!

  2. Congratulations on making it through your detox. I checked out the link and it sounded ridiculous.. 8 bananas on one day and then tomatoes the next? No thanks! I’ll continue to eat like a trash can and complain I think. I may or may not have already cracked into the stash of Easter Candy I bought for the Princess’s basket… *licks chocolate off fingers*

  3. That Peep picture is a new favorite. Period.

    Yay for being done with the detox! You rock out loud! Also, I truly wish you a very happy chocolate binge. I think you’ve earned it. :)

  4. The real trick is to avoid all of the over-processed, uber-preserved foods. We try to duplicate as much as we can at home. Take a look at the amount of preservatives and chemicals in your “lite dressing.” Then go to the internet to see how to make it at home.

  5. Happy Easter darling girl. I hope it is amazing for you and well done on the detox.
    As for Peeps and the peanut butter eggs. Sadly I have never tired either. Seems us Aussies are deprived of their goodness

  6. Go choc crazy! I mean, don’t make yourself sick or anything but you deserve it. And it’s Easter. You didn’t need an excuse though huh? How many peanut butter eggs did you manage?

  7. Glad to hear you made it through! Sadly, I have had not ONE piece of Easter candy. So much for getting older. I wasn’t about to make my own basket. I did, however, consume enough ice cream this weekend to make up for it.

  8. So I hate sweet things. I know. I’m that girl. Hand in my vagina card, because I don’t like chocolate. I NEVER buy candy…

    except for those motherfucking Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs. Those things are the goddamn devil. I bought 2 2-packs on Friday and I ate ALL OF THEM. They were my breakfast on Easter morning. And I regret nothing.

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