100 Times 7 Is Me Talking A LOT!

7 x 7 blog awardSeveral months ago I was tagged a the “7×7” meme by the lovely Nikki at My Cyber House Rules. (If you’re not reading her then you really need to check out this kickass roller derby chick.) It works out well that I hadn’t done the meme yet though because it’s perfect for my 100th blog post. Which this is.

I originally had something else in mind for my 100th post, but I would have needed to do some creative preparation and I ran out of time. I’m storing the idea though and I’ll bust it out on another time, like for my 143rd entry or something.

In the mean time here is the 7×7 Meme!

1. My Most Beautiful Post
It’s so difficult to choose since all of my posts are overflowing with eloquence and beauty.

Oh wait.  I meant that it’s so difficult to choose since all of my posts are overflowing with profanity and sarcasm. Right, right…

Okay, I guess I’ll go with “Skippable Red Entry“. The introduction is my usual ridiculous burblage, but the entry itself is based on the Studio 30+ Prompt “red”. I did a poem for the prompt and I thought that it turned out kinda pretty. I also received a lot of very kind feedback from it, which meant much since this was the first post I did that was creative.

2. My Most Popular Post
This way easy enough to find since my little sidebar gadget already lists the most popular posts, and sitting at the numer uno spot is “A Very Kat Sidhe Christmas”, because you can’t spell “dysfunction” without “fun”. You also can’t spell “unconscionable” without “scion”.

Also, isn’t it interesting that “brood” can mean “descendents” or “to worry”?

Vocabulary can be fun, kids!

3. My Most Controversial Post
This is surprisingly difficult. You would think that with all my cursing, drinking and writing smut that I would have stirred up some time of tempest, but I guess I do it with such charm that I can get away with it. I guess I’ll go with “How Not to Write Smut” since it’s literally pornographic writing. It’s a very horrible farce of pornographic writing, but graphic enough that there’s no getting around that it is indeed porn.

4. My Most Helpful Post
My posts are like oysters with each one containing a pearl of wisdom. I seriously should be living on a mountain in Tibet with pilgrims scaling snowy peaks to seek my sage council. I’ll go with “How To Have a Lasting Romantic Relationship” though.

That’s right, eat your heart out Anne Landers.

*Side note: I got shit for this post from a couple of guys who did not get the humour of a woman using nunchucks to get her guy to give her sex and the TV remote.

5. A Post Whose Success Surprised Me
I could go with a number of entries listed in the “Greatest Hits” sidebar, but I know that a few of them are only popular because the pictures in them show up in images searches and that’s why they are clicked.

Can it be a page? Fuck it, I’m going with a page.

My “About Me” page gets a lot of reads and that surprises me.  It’s apparent from my entries that I’m a disturbed person and I’d think that tell you everything you need to know about me.

6. A Post I Feel Didn’t Get the Attention it Deserved
I’ll go with “Here. Which Is Short For ‘Here I Am Rock You Like a Hurricane”, since I wrote it when I had about ten followers and it’s another entry about my habit of doing things without thinking.

7. The Post That I am Most Proud of 
You know what kind of freak I am? It’s really bothering me that that title ends in a preposition. I could fix it, but I cut and pasted this meme and I’m too lazy to correct it.

At the risk of sounding sappy, conceited, and just like an all around prat, I have to admit that, as ridiculous as most of my posts are, I’m actually proud of them all. As I said in my Thanksgiving post, whether a post of mine is a lot of goofy-ass nonsense or if it’s a serious one, I’ve always tried to still be myself. I can stand behind all of them and say that they are me – and that’s been admittedly scary at times to make myself that vulnerable. Whether it was illustrating my warped sense of humour to sharing things that were painful, there is always that fear of rejection. But worse than that fear, is the self-loathing I would experience if I tried to hide who I am or if I wrote something I didn’t believe. I think that Harlan Ellison said it best: “[Writing] means one will walk forever on the tightrope, with each new step presenting the possibility of learning a truth about oneself that is too terrible to bear.”

Thank you all for attending the circus that is my brain. Mind the monkeys on the way out.


17 thoughts on “100 Times 7 Is Me Talking A LOT!

  1. Nice! Are you sure the most helpful one wasn’t also “how not to write smut” though? I think you could make the case for that post. Actually, that post could fit most of those categories..

  2. OOOH Groping hugs are my favorite. 😉

    Love the ones you highlighted and save for two (which I hadn’t read yet and promptly ran to run, read, and comment on) I totally concur! I adore your “How to write smut”, Christmas, and Thanksgiving posts. Then again I love everything you write, dear.

  3. HAPPY 100TH!!!

    And of course I started to use this post as an excuse to NOT complete my paper; but alas, I’ll have to enjoy them on my morning post-finals. Maybe not. I’ll be brilliantly hungover. OH! I know! When family wants to hang out over the holidays, I’ll say I have work to do… which will be going back through your blogs. YEAAAH.

    Side note: Hilarious how we both posted our top post lists on the same day. DESTINYYYY.

    And as far as your post below – don’t all the movies say to celebrate Christmas every day, all year long? So who gives a flying flip if you want to put up a sparkly tree in February? More power to ya!!!

    Side side note: Your comment on B@T. AH. I love you. Like a lot. And I literally almost did go out and buy lemons to literally throw at my assignments. And you’re right. The *pew pew!* sound is enough to make it bearable… 🙂

  4. Excellent choices on all of your mentioned pieces! Hooray for milestones, 100 being a nice round number and I do love round numbers, and even numbers, and well.. any number I don’t have to use in actual math problems so yeah… where was I? Oh right.. I LOVE You my sweet Kat. Truly I do. And your words make my life better so keep the what-the-fuckery coming my way ok?? *MWAH*

  5. I loved the Christmas post! LOL Why is it holidays bring out the “single person therapy session,” which consists of trying to figure out your perpetual state of singledom? Every year, it’s the same: “Are you seeing anyone?” “Why not, nice girl like you?” “What about so-and-so? Maybe you should give him another chance.” Oh, sure, why not? He was just the biggest a** on the freaking planet, but, yeah, sure, let me give him another chance so I don’t have to be single and subjected to the ridicule this holiday.

    Whoa. Sorry about that. I believe I just ranted.

    *BIG HUGS* We love you, Kat.

  6. @Oilfield Trash-It’s a classic in its own time.

    @Gia-The smut one works great for Christmas cards, too!

    @CWMartin-Thank you! =)

    @Haven-Thank you so much, Haven! I’m glad that I keep you entertained.~<3

    @Jewels-That works out well because I love everything that you write too, sweetie.~

    @in bed with married women-Thank you! Love you back, Jill! It’s funny because I was JUST about to email you to tell that I sent a few people to your site the other day. I really hope that the did indeed check it out like they said they would. Or else I’ll get stabby.

    @Celia G-You and Nicki and I are on the same wave length so I’m not surprised that we both posted a ‘best of’ on the same day, dear one.~

    I’m really happy that my comment could make you feel like little better, too! ^_^

    @RandyGirl-Love you too, my darling RandyGirl! *mwah!*

    @The Frisky Virgin-Now Frisky, you know you never have to apologize for ranting, in fact, ranting is pretty much a staple here. 😉 Love and ferocious hugs back to you, my dear.~

    @sugar-free-thoughts.com-Thank you, darlin’! “Being tits” is high praise indeed.~ 😉

    @Mynx-Thank my lovely friend.~

    @Michael-Thanks, Michael! I hope you enjoy them. =)

  7. Did you know I’ve been reading your blog for FOREVER and I didn’t read your About page?

    Did you know that I now think it’s hilarious?

    Did you know I swore I commented on this post forever ago?

    Did you know that I probably dreamed that, just like I dreamed you were a vegamasaurus?

    Did you know that while I’m commenting I decided to just go ahead and post this link I’ve been meaning to share with you? http://www.makinggameofthrones.com
    Did you know it makes counting the months down until GoT2 so much easier?

    Did you know that I love you? Because I do.


    Well. Now you do.

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