I Specialize In A Very Specific Kind Of Ridiculous Shit

Another blog post title based on a movie quote? Yes, but don’t worry this is not the norm. In fact, referencing 300 and Inception pretty much exhausts my knowledge of current movies.  I did try to see Captain America, but apparently movie theaters not only have a problem with bringing outside candy, but they also have a problem with bringing toys of the adult fashion, too. I’m sorry, but if you’re going to show a movie with Chris Evans running around with only a tight, white t-shirt to cover his bulging pecs, then you really must make be prepared for me to lick the fucking movie screen.

And now I forget what I was going to write about.

Oh yeah! I wanted to say hello and welcome to all the newcomers! Thank you so much for stopping by, and especially to the people who decided to stick around for more of my insanity. I think I’m mostly caught up on replying to all of the comments that ya’all have left, too–they were all awesome! Also, a huge thank you to everyone who has checked out the blogs on my blogroll! They are written by incredibly brilliant people, and I’m so thrilled that people are checking them out, too, because I truly do enjoy spreading the blog love.  So to the new and veteran follows, I give you a huge group grope hug.

Now off to the entry at hand.

I’ve been doing this Shameless Meme thing for a few weeks now, and since it’s been a while since I satisfied one of the tasks on the list, I’m going to do that today. I’m going to go with number 7 today: Share your efforts at something you don’t think you do well.

sleepy toddlerI do not do well at functioning without sleep. I can function without sleep, but do I do it well? No way. Not only am I a miserable, cranky bunny when I’m in a sleep deficit, but I’m also determined to make sure that everyone around me is miserable, too. This is not a trait that I developed just when I became an adult with responsibilities and all of that kind of shit that keeps you from sleeping either. My family first became aware of this characteristic when I was only a day old. The nurses in the hospital had woke me up to take my picture (why the fuck they would actually wake up a newborn is beyond me), and I was not a happy camper. The pissy, sulky look that I’m wearing in that baby picture is the one that I’m told still adorns my face when I’m overly tired. I’m also told that I gave my family a number of scares as a toddler because I would be crawling around on the floor playing, and then suddenly fall over. The drop would be so sudden and complete that my grandmother thought that I’d dropped dead the first time she saw it.

The reason that I chose to talk about this today is because I went to a late lunch with my brother yesterday, had a few many margaritas to celebrate my BONing, then came home and slept for about fifteen hours. I almost feel some shame in that but I hardly slept at all last week on top of working a billion hours, so no shame here. The best part? I dreamt that there was a zombie infestation. I know most  people would think that was a nightmare, but I enjoyed the fuck out of myself kicking zombie ass!

I’m throwing in this video because it’s short, appropriate, involves animals which I love, and it makes me laugh ’cause I’m easily amused.

37 thoughts on “I Specialize In A Very Specific Kind Of Ridiculous Shit

  1. I know what you mean about sleep. I am a total beotch if I don’t get enough zzz’s. The only time I am even crankier is if I am hungry, which my poor hubby can attest to. Thanks for the laugh…

  2. I think I functionally optimally at 12 hours of sleep. Anything less is a roll of the dice. Anything 6 or under? I should come with a warning label and a pot of coffee around my neck because it won’t be pretty. Glad you had a kick ass zombie dream, I am sure you kicked ass spectacularly darling!

  3. ME. TOO. I need my beauty sleep. And by “I need my beauty sleep,” I mean “I need a full night in the crypt so I don’t spend the day looking like Christopher Walken in drag.”

    ACTING like Christopher Walken in drag? Well, that’s just an everyday occurrence.

  4. I don’t do well at keeping things alive – plants mostly. Some days even my children teeter on the brink (more due to my wanting to strangle them than anything else – they are teenagers after all). Sleep decides when it will grace me with its presence, despite trying to influence it with copious amounts of wine…meh.

    I also had a zombie moment last week, as seen here http://alienbody.blogspot.com/2011/09/ill-be-ready-will-you.html

    Thanks to Blogs of Note for pointing me in your direction! Great post…I’ll be snooping around for more.

  5. congrats!

    i will always dig your ridiculous shit! particular or not..

    or was that peculiar?

    fuck…i hava hard time reading anything lately…prolly due to one too many times down the rabbit hole and those godamn red ones!

  6. Love the video! haha. I am jealous that I missed our on margaritas but the wedding is almost upon me and then it’s time for drinks and catching up. I am going to go ahead and agree with you…I can function without sleep (and do more often then I would like) but it is not something I do well or prefer to do. I LOVE sleeping…love a good nap…and adore my lazy days. I am averaging about 5 hours of sleep a night during the week which isn’t nearly enough for me…so my weekends are spent in mini comas!

  7. @Meg-I don’t think I’ll even be able to pretend. I’ll be too busy heading to the nearest coffee shop to round up hipsters to feed to the zombies. ;-P

    @vanyelmoon-Oh yes I suffer–or more accurately–the people around me suffer when I’m hungry. It always hits so suddenly, too which sets my S.O. simple. He’s a lucky guy.~

    @My RandyGirl-The thing that sucks though is that caffeine is starting to have no effect on a sleepy Kat. :( But yes, I did have a lot of fun killing zombies.~ ^_^

    @Nicki-I suddenly have a picture of Christopher Walken in his headless horseman makeup, dressed in drag and dancing to “Weapon of Choice”. AND IT’S FUCKING BRILLIANT!

    @alienbody- Thank you for following BON’s direction and stopping by! Heading over to read you zombie post as soon as I’m done here.~

    @The Lamb-It might have been enough, but then one never knows with me. ;)

    @bruce-And I will always adore YOU, boss. I’m so glad to see you around again.~

    @Elly Lou- It’s probably because…brussel sprouts

    @Antares Cryptos-No worries. I’m glad you enjoyed the video, dear.~

    @alyssa- I can occasionally managed to keep myself up past 10pm for dear peeps. ;)

    @Sionnach- It seems like sleep is the Achilles heel for many of us. DAMN OUR AMERICAN PACE!

    @Jewels- Oh don’t worry, my love, I’ve plenty of room for margaritas with you as soon as the wedding is over. ;)

    @George Anderson- They did a pretty brilliant job.~

    @That Girl Suicide-Awesome!!!! Thank you for joining in the ridiculous shit!! =D

    @Scrappy Beast-Thank you so much for reading! I’m glad that I could start your day off with a laugh. =)

  8. I’m glad to say that… as I am currently also doing the shameless thing (memes, why do I every think its a good idea to follow?) is that I totally can function with lack of sleep. Thank god. Since I totally suffer from insomnia, imagine how whacked out I’d be if I COULDN’T function with sleep deprivation? Actually, lack of sleep is almost like a drug for me. Like I’m high on tiredness. Giddy almost. And my head is fuzzy and foggy.

  9. One more BONer friend here. I would sleep MUCh more if only it didn’t look like I was just, you know, depressed. Can’t you just be happy but tired?

    I wish I had dreams like yours.

  10. New to reading your blog, and look forward to more :)

    And agree about not sleeping enough- it makes me feel like I’m walking in a daze. Everyone should just get out of my way so the day can move quickly and I can find my bed.

  11. I’m following you know, WOMAN.
    And embarrassingly obsessed with your blog.

    Post-wise: OH MAH GAH. I’m the same way about sleep. Grad school has turned me into a right cranky BIATCH because I’m averaging about 4-6 hours of sleep a night… glad to know I’m not the only one who values a good, healthy sleep!

    And the video… cats doing anything makes me feel fuzzy.
    Because it’s cats.

  12. @Nikki- You are so lucky to have a super-no-sleep-needed body, my dear. I’d hate you for it if I didn’t think you were awesome.~

    @Shell- Is it a sign that I’m becoming “adultish” that a good time for me is catching up on that sleep? *grumbles*

    @Dr. Rob Rob- Thanks so much for popping over from BONing and sticking around, too! I hope no one got in your way yesterday. ;)’

    @Daniel- Thank you for following the BON trail, Daniel! And yes, I curse a fucking lot, so I’m glad you like it and are sticking around for more.~

    @Kerry- Yay for another BON buddy! Welcome, Kerry! I’ve had people make the depression assumption about me, too, but I’m just SLEEPY damnit!

    @Rose-Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed the digs and are sticking around. =)

    @Jessica L. Buike-Thanks so much for the shout out, sweetie!

    @j루- I’m not sure if you’re a spambot since my URL is the one you were on when you commented? *puzzled look*

    The Nice Chick- Thanks so much for hanging around for more foolishness. =)

    @Levi Ecko- I love the kitties, too!

    @”Celia Golightly”- I’m so glad that you’re enjoying my goofyass writing, love!~ And I’ve been trying to follow your blog for three fucking days now and I keep getting this message: “We’re sorry… We were unable to handle your request. Please try again or return a bit later.” GRRRRRR!!!! IT’S NOT GETTING THE BEST OF ME THOUGH! I SHALL BEAT THIS HICCUP!

  13. I’m jealous that you got cool Zombie Apocalypse dreams. I wandered over via blogs of note, and as chance has it, I dreamed of the Zombie Apocalypse just last night. But it wasn’t a cool one at all, I was hiding in my room trying to ignore the screams, eating my cold, dry rice (the power went out in my apocalypse), crying to myself about how lonely I was since I hadn’t talked to anyone in years.

    It was a little unnerving to wake up and hear nothing outside. I was very relieved when I heard a car go by, just because it gave me back my bearings and made me remember I wasn’t quite that alone.

    Cheerful, right, hi I like your blog!

  14. LOL! Omg, that Inception clip was brilliant! I laughed so hard I might have pulled something…

    And hey, I’m a psychology major, aka fascinated with people. Basically, everyone has their on and off buttons and I loved reading about your sleep deficiency adventures. :D

    When I sleep less than ehough (which is a lot), I laugh like a maniac. At things that are not funny. Oh man, I just love it though. It’s such fun for a while… but then I feel like I’ve a monkey playing on my nose cos of the looks I get.

    Anyway, I find your blog fascinating. I love to be amused. ^_^ Keep it up!

  15. OMG That video was awesome. It took me about ten minutes to stop laughing so I could actually type real words.

    Oh and I was once up for 48 hours. I was the definition of BITCH. Damned night shift.

  16. @Gene Pool Diva-Thank you! My bio is very much the definition of my person, so no worries about my changing it ever. ;)

    @Serat Jagat-My blog CAN be very exhausting. ;)

    @Solipsause-I sometimes have no so fun dreams like that, too. And hi back! Welcome aboard, love!

    @C.-Thank you so much!

    @Rhonda Shepperd-I very happy that I could help, love.~ =)

    @Lyn Midnight-Thank you! I’m glad that you enjoyed my goofiness, Lyn.~ =)

    @J.Day-48 hours?! Oh la, that’s mental! =O

  17. That video was the best of 2011 for me, it beat out the cat in the hamster ball, which is now runner up :-) LMFAO!
    Thanks for another gaggle of giggles to sign off for the night with :)

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