My Opinion Is Not Dissenting, It’s The Right One

Here is the satisfaction of of number 27: Express a Dissenting Opinion on the Shameless Documentation List.


S:  I read that blog entry about you drinking yourself stupid.

K:  I know you can’t see it, but I’m throwing confetti in celebration.

S:  Why do you call your boyfriend, “S.O.”?

K:  The same reason I don’t have my full name or my picture on my blog: to protect the innocent.

S:  I see. His so-called innocence aside, why don’t you just say your “boyfriend”?

K: I hate the term “boyfriend”. It makes me feel like I’m in Middle School.

S: Yet you were completely comfortable having to get a ride home from the
cinema. After watching the bloody Smurfs movie no less.

K: I wore my Smurfs t-shirt, too. And I didn’t think about it until we were standing in line at the liquor store, but I was wearing white shorts, so I was kinda dressed like a smurf.

S: You Yanks must have very strenuous requirements for mental institutions because I don’t know why you are not in one.

I think I hung up on her at this point but I’m not sure.

So the dissension I mentioned at the beginning of the post? S. thinks it was immature to dress like a smurf, get drunk and then go out to watch a children’s movie, and I disagree.

No wait.

Actually I agree that it was immature.

I just don’t care.

Alright, so I didn’t document my execution of number 27 on The List after all.

I guess I just felt like throwing this entry on the board.


hahaha cat

11 thoughts on “My Opinion Is Not Dissenting, It’s The Right One

  1. so i fail to see why getting drunk and dressing up like a character in the movie you are going to *drunkWatch* is in the least bit immature…

    i mean you have to be 21 to buy in most states, right?

    and does anyone casting stones remember a certain Rocky Horror Picture Show?

    anyone that is in their 40’s (or early 50’s even) is lying if they did not see that movie drunk at least once…

    and either guy or girl… i know they are lying about not trying to out shine Tim Curry…

    well, we were drunk…

    that gives us a *get outtastupid freeass card* doesn’t it?

    life IS better with booze and beer…

    Jus’ Sayin’

    now…. hand me that bottle of mescal!

  2. Immature?
    From what I saw of a review you NEED to be drunk to enjoy that movie.

    I assume S.O. mean significant other?
    To me that’s a few step above boyfriend.
    I was surprised to see you use it.

  3. Kat you are adorable, such an awesome outing does deserve another mention.
    Bet you werent the only one dressed as a smurf but probably the sexiest smurf there

  4. I have never had so much fun being incredibly immature then. haha. I see where S is coming from…but honestly that was some good clean, drunken, inappropriate fun and I refuse to be sorry for it. hehe.

    Your shirt and shorts combo was hilarious…add a red hat and you’d have been Smurf-tastic. HUGS!

  5. I LOVE the cat. Hilarious. And the fact that you were kind of dressed like a Smurf. I heard women dressed up ridiculously for “Sex and the City” and I just imagine that as much scarier than dressing up for Smurfs. Seriously. You were obviously having fun. There were probably teetering on the delusional side.

    On a side note, I work in mental health (in the South) and you’re just fine. Unless you think you have Smurfs living in your ears or something. Then maybe we should talk. :P

  6. Totally not immature, totally necessary to truly experience as kid’s movie as a grown up should. If I could get away with it for the number of kids movies I must endure, I would go as a character (and drunk) any and every time I could.

  7. @bruce-I’ve yet to do the Rocky Horror Picture thing, but if I ever get the chance I’m sure I’ll be drunk while doing it.

    @Hybrid2-S.O. is a bit higher than BF (boyfriend) only because eight year olds use BF.

    @Mynx-y-You make me blush, my daring.~

    @Barb-Holla, girfriend! *high five!*

    @Jewels-I had such an awesome time with you, darlin’, and I’m so glad that I have a friend who appreciates immaturity as much as I do.~

    @Rebecca-Oh no definitely no smurfs living in my ears. The monkeys keep them out. ;)

    @Aleta-That is a brilliant way of expressing it, love. ;)

    @RandyGirl-Maybe we should send a suggestion to all of the theaters to stock up their concession stands during children’s movies, eh my darling?~

    @Nicki-You fucking know it, girlfriend! *fist bump!*

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